There are, more than you would think, things one has in one’s mouth.
Of course, there’s food and drink.
Those things taste good, most of them. The food stays in the mouth longer than the drink, but both are just passing through, and don’t really do anything except break down and taste.
There’s chewing gum. The biggest part of the appeal there, of course, is flavor. Minty, fruity, hot and cinnamon-y, and recently with flavors like guava-pineapple-sage, it tastes good for a while, and has a nice feel to it, but both the flavor and the texture break down quickly.
Mints, hard candy? They’re nice, too, but melt within minutes, the appeal lost.
Another person’s tongue is nice, but one doesn’t have a lot of control, whomever we are kissing does what they want. As nice as that can be, we can’t really do much about what someone’s tongue does once it is in our mouth, other than gentle hinting with our own.
Of all the things we, well, of all the things I have in my mouth, my favorite, by far, is a man. Specifically, a man’s dick. It is everything.
The surface is smooth. The texture of that skin is somewhere between velvet and suede. But warm.
And under that skin? OMG.
Hard, yet pliant, just a bit. Receptive, reactive.
Completely attentive, a dick feels each movement, every breath, every tiny change in pressure. It cannot help but pay attention to what I am doing. And I cannot help but pay attention to that.
Put a lot of suction on it, pulling away are I do so? It swells, pulses, I can feel that, the force brings it forward, as if it doesn’t want to leave my mouth, it wants to come with me.
When I hold it loosely in my mouth, I can create friction. I can move, he can move, sliding in and out, up and down, wet and slick. I imagine this plunging into me, still wet from my mouth.
Sometimes I do not move at all, just suck the very end and swirl my tongue around, a movement that is tiny, but yields big results.
If I am in the right position, kneeling in front of the man, I can tilt my head back, so relaxed is it almost Zen in nature, my muscles loose, and often almost the entire length of his dick will go into my mouth, into my throat.
Feeling that, knowing how it feels, how completely it fills the mind of the man, is perhaps the sexiest thing in the world.
To reach behind him, pull him forward, pull him into my mouth, to hear his breath escape his throat, to look up and see his eyes closed, almost helpless, to feel his hands in my hair, to taste him when he is this close to the edge, it is a feeling of power, of desire and being desired, of pure urgency. I can feel his madness, that loss of control that comes from knowing you are cumming, and there is nothing to stop you, that you cannot hold back, over the edge, gone.
Do I keep it, own it, swallow it? Or give it back to him, the proof laying there, on both of us, feeling like wet silk on my skin? Either way, it is mine.
To do this, to feel this, it is a moment I seek out over and over again.

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  1. Oh Eva love the way your words bring the hot, sensual/erotic scenes to life. Love the hot depictions and hot tones you write with on posts. Please keep up the sensual erotic writing and thoughts.

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