Seducing you by Text Message


Little pieces, tiny bites of me, a couple of lines at a time – this is how I must do this. Get your attention, show you who I am, what I want, how I think. One text at a time.
You cannot see me, or hear me. You can’t watch thoughts play across my face as I talk, won’t hear hidden meaning in my words, don’t know when I catch my breath or close my eyes and smile.
No way I can make you want me by wearing perfume or shaking my hair loose. You won’t feel me open your hand to taste your palm. I can’t put my mouth on the hollow of your neck, breathe your name while your hands reach under my skirt, fingers sliding up my thigh.
I can’t speak softly so that you have to lean in to hear my voice, get close enough to smell my skin. I can’t hold your gaze for just a minute too long to be polite, your hand too long to be friendly, your arm too close to be mistaken.
Instead of showing you how soft a kiss can be, I have to tell you. Instead of putting my hands on you to feel you grow hard, I have to ask you if you are. I have to tell you how wet I am, I can’t push your fingers into me so you will know.
You are too far away to taste the sweat on my lip or feel me gasp. I cannot put my tongue in your mouth, suck your lip, pull you down on top of me.
I can’t get in your pants, just in your phone.

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  1. Very sexy, and so true. I am enjoying reading your material. Thank you for letting me experience all forms of writing. I am still working on mine…

    Jayg from Lush Stores

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