The Dare


He dared me.
Underneath me, inside me, eyes mere slits, he dares me to make him come.
“C’mon,” he says. “I’m not gonna, I won’t come again, you can’t make me.” His mouth is something that is almost a smirk.
His words land in my belly, sink down, I immediately take him on, grinding down on him, harder, deeper. Daring him not to come.
I raise up, until he is barely in me, just the tip of his cock. Looking down, I am perfectly still.
He turns his head, smiles a Mona Lisa smile. “I dare ya.”
I slam down onto him, his dick jerks as I raise myself up, to slam back down, once, twice, three times. He does indeed come, we both do. He unloads in me, hot and wet, as my pussy squeezes, clamping down, answering his challenge.
“Dare me?,” I ask him. “Wanna dare me again?”
“Yes, I do,” he answers, and I know this is the man for me.

About Eva St. James

Hi, I'm Eva, I loves sex and pretty words. So pretty words about sex are especially lovely. Come share some of these words with me. If you see something you like, leave a comment. I'll show you mine, and you can tell me yours.

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