Three Little Words


It started like most things do, without much thought. Just shooting the breeze.
“C’mon baby, please.”
It was ‘that time of the month,’ she was out of commission, sexually. Not that she didn’t want to make love, she most certainly did. And he was willing, but alas, it was not to be. But, oh, he wanted relief.
They were laying on the bed, him watching TV, her reading. And he muted the set, right in the middle of a King of Queens rerun, and said, “Suck my dick.”
Now, she was not adverse to doing that either. Quite the opposite, she really enjoyed giving him head, it was such a turn on, knowing how much it turned him on, as well as the power she felt when she knew she was driving him insane. But his approach, she told him, needed work.
“You have to make me want to do it,” she tried explaining. “Like, kiss me, get me worked up, I’d probably do it without you asking. But just to say it, just like that, ‘suck my dick’ well, its just not very seductive.”
He tried it again, explaining that he didn’t see the problem, he was just stating what he was feeling at the moment. She tried one more time.
“What if I would just say, ‘eat my pussy,’ huh? What would you think? What if I just walked in and said, ‘Hey, eat my pussy?”
He answer was immediate.
“Are ya kidding me??”
They laughed. “But I would never say that, that’s the difference, that’s why it would turn you on.”
They had been together for years, and she had never said it before.
But she kept thinking about it, although she didn’t know if he had. She thought once or twice about calling him and leaving the voice mail, just that, “eat my pussy.” She considered calling him on his cell phone while she was in the bedroom and he was in a different room, just calling him and uttering those obscene words. But she never worked up the nerve.
She had almost forgotten all about it, about saying it to him, telling him what she wanted him to do to her, when he mentioned it.
They were doing things couples do, in the kitchen, fixing dinner. She opened the refrigerator, and he turned at a certain moment. The ended up in an embrace, which got heated. He pulled his hand from her ass to the front of her jeans as she tasted the skin on the side of his neck.
“You’re going to have to say it,” he whispered. She knew instantly what he meant.
“I won’t.”
“Yes, you will. If you want it, you’re going to have to ask for it.”
She went weak in the knees, a surge of energy went from her belly up to her nipples.
But she thought he would never do that, would never expect her to say those words. She had asked him before, without actually asking. She had said, “Please” when they were rolling around, hands on each other, mouths leaving wet trial across each others’ bodies. And “please” had been all she had had to say.
She had answered him “yes, oh yes oh yes” when he asked if he could, “Can I put my mouth on you, can I lick you, I want to make you come.” She had been glad, grateful even, when he said he wanted to do these things.
But to say it, like that, to tell him to do it, command him to, she couldn’t imagine it. Yet, he told her he wasn’t going to do it until she asked him, told him, in those words, what he wanted.
“Eat my pussy.” Every time she thought of it, she found herself getting wet.
And then there they were, in bed. He pulled her shirt off, her bra, his mouth on her nipples, and she wanted him to, to eat her. She reached down, felt how hard he was, so turned on, she wanted his mouth on her, his tongue.
He put his hand on her, she put her hand on top of his, pushing it down into her pants, grinding her self against him, pushing his fingers into her. She really wanted him to, especially when he brought his hand up to his face, licking his fingers. She moaned.
“You know you’re going to have to say it,” he told her.
“Oh god, don’t, don’t make me say that, just do it.”
“Say it, ask for it, tell me the words.”
Their hands went down, again, into her pants, one hand between her legs, she used the other hand to pull the pants down, off.
He pushed his fingers up into her, both their hands were wet, the tops of her thighs were slick. He swirled a nipple in his mouth, worked his way down to her legs, the backs of her knees.
“Just three little words, just say . . . what you want.”
He started licking her juices from her thighs, his finger up and down the cleft of her, never touching her clit.
“Oh god, I’m dying, please . . .” his mouth was so close, she could feel his breath on her cunt.
“Ten little letters, just say them, just tell me.”
She could no longer endure it, her brain was filled with it, the wanting of it, so badly she needed it, needed him to lick her, she needed this, to come with his mouth on her.
“God, do it, eat my pussy, please please, eat me, eat my pussy.”
And then, he was there, and she was coming, coming, on his fingers, on his mouth.
“See, all you had to do was say it, three little words,” he told her.
“Big answer,” she smiled.

About Eva St. James

Hi, I'm Eva, I loves sex and pretty words. So pretty words about sex are especially lovely. Come share some of these words with me. If you see something you like, leave a comment. I'll show you mine, and you can tell me yours.

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  1. Words, just three
    Can say so much
    To praise beauty
    Or heart to touch
    Said with love
    And passion’s blaze
    Lifts us above
    The tired clichés
    You’re mon amour
    Always will be
    Je t’adore
    Eat my pussy!

      • I love writing them but sometimes it’s also the only way to show how much I enjoyed what you wrote. So often you read something but lack the proper words to show your appreciation. So this is how I show my mine. 😀

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