Monthly Archives: March 2012

Out of Nowhere


It just snuck up on me. Some of them do.
Some orgasms are big and brash as a parade, you see them coming from
blocks away, hear the bands getting louder, you feel the drum in your
chest as it passes by. You wait all day for them, plan on them, get
dressed and talk and think and prepare for them, welcome them with a
bit of relief that they have finally come.
There are a few climaxes that run from you, play hide and seek.
You start chasing them almost as a game, they come closer and fade
away, elusive, like quicksilver, you have to work at them, and they
are seldom as satisfying as they seemed from far away.
But today, in the dark of my bedroom, that came out of nowhere.
I went in there to get dressed, not to lay down. I planned to put some
clothes on, go about my day. But a few words, white letters on the
tiny blue screen of my phone, made me pause. My breath caught in my
chest, I stood by the bed, my eyes closed, the words becoming an image
behind my eyelids.
And without thought, I sat down, seeing in my mind your hand cupping
my breast, your eyes looking into mine, your mouth closing over my
nipple. I was laying down before i realized it, my phone in my hand,
vibrating with more sex, one text coming on top of the other, buzzing
buzzing as i opened my robe to pinch my nipple, seeing your fingers as
I did.
“Spread your legs for me baby” and I did. Wider and wider, making sure
I held the phone where I could see it, my hand diving down between my
legs, already so wet my thighs were slick with it.
“Feel your wetness” somehow you knew how soaked I was before I did. My
fingers into my pussy, feeling it clutch them, my phone telling me
those were your fingers, my cunt loving you.
“Now out, circling your clit” I didn’t notice the bedroom door was
standing open, was past caring. It was you there in the dark with me,
the fingers dancing in my pussy were your fingers, your words were
what was happening there in my bed. I felt it coming, felt my body
tensing, the heat rising up through my thighs, my back arching, almost
to the top, going to fall over, teetering there on the edge.
I wanted you then, I told you how I needed to cum to you, I wanted you
to be with me. Furiously pushing buttons, sending out a desperate plea
to you, to come and be with me, to feel this with me. Then you were
there, in my ear, telling me yes, to let go, it was alright, that you
were with me, loving me, cumming with me, and I tumbled, falling, head
over feet, losing myself into you, into this, this moment this
experience this shared thing. Wordless sounds coming from my mouth,
your voice carrying me over.
Then I realized I was waking up, and thought, “where the hell did that
come from?”