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Of all the BBQ joints in all the world . . .



She couldn’t have planned it any better, but she really didn’t. Honest to God.
Hank had wanted to go to the farmer’s market Sunday morning, they had also done the flea market and the antique fair. A lovely early fall day, the sun was glorious, they spent the day looking, buying a few things, laughing, talking. A good Sunday.
They had few of them, after 20 years of marriage, most Sundays were spent on home improvement projects or each on their own, Michelle out in the sun, herm husband inside watching sports on television. The interests they shared had, over the years, taken different paths. So it was nice to have a day together.
When he said he wanted to try the new BBQ place for an early dinner, she was happy he suggested it. Sit down, have a couple beers, shoot the shit. Beats going straight home, she thought.
The restaurant was new to them, a few tables outside, nothing fancy.
“Hey, we can bring our food out here and eat,” Melissa suggested. “Its so nice out, I hate the thought of going inside.”
So, in they went, Hank opened the door, she pulled her sunglasses off as she entered, her eyes adjusted to the small, almost empty dining room.
And stopped dead. There, facing the door, eating lunch with his grown son, was her lover.
Daniel glanced up as she walked through the door, gave a smile and acted as if to speak to her, but when she did not acknowledge him, he simply continued eating.
‘What the fuck???’ her mind was racing. ‘He cannot be in this place. He lives three hours away.’
Melissa tried to think, but her brain was paralyzed. She knew he was in town, but this? At some hole-in-the-wall restaurant on a Sunday afternoon? She had seen him the night before, but had not talked to him since, there was no way for her to know where he would be, but this?
“Melissa?” Hank was talking to her. She didn’t know how long, how many times he had asked her what she wanted to eat as they stood at the counter. She kept her head straight ahead, not looking to her left. Not. Looking. At. Him.
She opened a menu and pointed to the first thing she saw. “Give me that, and a water, my throat is so dry.” Hank ordered and paid for the food. She turned toward the door.
“Where are you going?” her husband asked as she almost ran, carefully taking a route that would not bring her close to Daniel. She turned toward Hank.
“I’m gonna go out and get us a table.”
She ran to her car, pulling her already vibrating cell phone from her pocket.
Whats wrong, you ran out awfully fast, lol
She realized her hands were shaking as she answered him.
What are you doing here?
Eating BBQ
Melissa rolled her eyes. ‘No shit,’ she thought.
Are you coming back in here?
Hell no!
She realized he was enjoying this, watching her squirm. He was always so cool, which was easy, his wife was hundreds of miles away. The more she thought about it, the more he got to her.
‘Am I coming back in there,’ she thought. ‘Fucker thinks he is so cool, he is always so goddam cocky.’ Her phone buzzed again.
You weren’t so quick to run from me last night
No, last night he had fingered her in the elevator, licking his fingers when the elevator stopped and a man got on. He had been on his knees, his hands pulling her panties aside, almost before the door to the room closed. They had done everything imaginable, and a few things she had never even considered. There was not a surface in the room they hadn’t fucked or sucked on. Her pussy was still tender from the night before. They didn’t see each other often, but when they did, they made the most of their time together.
She knew Hank would expect her to stay and eat on the patio, she wanted nothing more than to get away from this place, with Daniel and Hank in the same room. Just the thought of it made stomach flip. She could picture Daniel, eating with his son, acting as if he had not woke up this morning with her juices dried on his cock, with his back scratched, her teeth prints on his shoulder. Smooth as Dean Martin crooning in Vegas.
My husband wasn’t in the room last night
He’s a really nice guy, he likes slaw with barbeque he says
‘He’s talking to Hank?’ she couldn’t believe the balls of the guy. Of course, if Hank spoke to him, he couldn’t hardly be rude. But still, to talk to her husband – she knew Daniel. He was doing it because he was her husband, because he had fucked the man’s wife the night before. And because she had run out. He was one up on her by sitting calmly while she left, two up on her by talking to Hank. She could just see the smirk on his face as he typed into his phone.
‘Fuck this,’ Melissa thought. ‘We shall see…’
She went to the patio, chose a table in the sun, sat facing the restaurant so Hank would face looking out into the street. When he brought out their food, she grabbed her beer and drank half of it in one draw. She waited until Hank started eating, knowing nothing would distract him from a plate of pork and a cold beer.
“I don’t feel so great, I think its the sun,” she said.
“You want to go?” Hank asked. “We can wrap our food up and go home.”
“I’ll be okay, I’m just gonna to to the ladies room, splash some water on my face,” Melissa said, standing up. “I hate to leave, its so nice out here. Go ahead and eat, I’ll be right back.”
She went inside the restaurant, making a point to walk past Daniel’s table, glancing at him just long enough to make eye contact. He gave a half-smile as if he were secretly amused, which she figured he was, thinking himself superior in pure nerve.
The ladies room was empty. She pulled her phone out of her pocket.
You just gonna sit out there, or you gonna come back here and get your cock sucked?
Her hands were shaking as she hit send. She wondered if he would do it, if she in fact would have the guts to follow through herself, if Hank would come looking for her, what Daniel’s son would think. All these thoughts bounced around her brain, but not for long.
Daniel pushed open the door slowly, unsure.
“Hey, what the hell did you mean-” he started, but she pulled him into the restroom before he could say any more, locking the door behind him. Before she could give herself time to think, she sank to her knees, unbuckling his belt.
“Melissa, your husband is right outside!” Daniel said, laughing. But she didn’t stop. She pushed his jeans down just enough and pulled out his dick, which was already thick with excitement. She didn’t say a word, simply wet her lips, puckering into a kiss as she sucked his hardon into her mouth.
There was no slow beginning, no time for it. No finesse or making her way around, exploring and tasting as she usually did when she sucked him; there wasn’t time. That wasn’t what this was about. This was about sucking him off while Hank was 30 feet away.
He sucked in his breath, his knees buckling slightly before he leaned back against the wall. The only sounds bouncing off the walls in the small tiled room were moans and gasps, along with a sucking or slurping noise now and again.
Melissa tilted her head back and reached behind Daniel, feeling his ass flex. As he reached down to hold her hair up, she pulled him forward, feeling the head of his cock hit her throat. The sensation sent a jolt through her that settled in her pussy, which tightened and clutched for the cock it wished it had.
She didn’t stop. Daniel wrapped her hair around his hand, fucked her mouth. It took everything she had not to put her hand in her pants and finger herself. Hearing the sounds of the kitchen through the wall, knowing her husband and his son were out there, knowing only a flimsy lock on the door kept them from seeing her blowing her lover.
It turned him on too, within two minutes she could hear the hitch in his breath she knew signaled his impending orgasm. She didn’t slow as she usually did, to allow him to savor the moment before he went over the edge like a roller coaster. She kept sucking him, opening her throat to pull him deeper and deeper. His cock jerked as he cried out, not caring who heard the wordless sounds coming from  his throat. Melissa felt him shoot down her throat, thick and hot, she was greedy for it, swallowed him no thought except that it was hers, hers, he was hers.
Daniel pulled away from her mouth, cum stringing like cheese from a pizza. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, smiling. She wiped her lips with a single finger, leaving them wet and shiny, and ran the finger through her hair, coating a few strands with Daniel’s cum.
He opened his mouth to speak, but she shushed him as she stood up, glanced in the mirror, and making a point to not rinse her hands, fix her disheveled hair or wipe her mouth, simply unlocked the door and left.
“There you are,” Hank said as she sat down. “I was getting a little worried.”
“Well, natured called,” she said, unwrapping her sandwich. She sat for a moment, collecting her thoughts, trying to concentrate on the conversation with her husband, block out the episode inside.
The door to the restaurant opened, out walked Daniel’s son, then the man himself. She felt her cheeks flush as she looked down and saw his shoes, the same ones her knees had been facing moments before. Glancing up at his face, she saw his eyes light up, she knew him well enough to know there was mischievousness in that look.
He slowed as he passed their table, she knew a dare when she saw it.
“Hey, don’t I know you?” the words came out of her mouth before she realized what she was doing.
Daniel and his son stopped, his mouth opened and closed, but he recovered quickly.
“I thought I recognized you when you came in,” he said, stopping beside their table. “From Johnson and Branham?”
“And you’re a junior partner at Estepp and Norman,” she answered. “We worked together on the Roberts divorce.”
As she spoke, she found herself reaching up to her hair, to find the stiff streak where Daniel’s cum had dried in it. His eyes flickered to her hand, he turned to Hank.
“Daniel Lowe,” he lover reached out to shake her husband’s hand. Melissa saw one of her hairs was twisted in his watch band. “Nice to meet you.”
Melissa realized she could taste Daniel’s cock as she said, “This is my husband Hank.”
“Its always good to meet people Melissa works with,” Hank told Daniel. “She never talks about people from the other firms, says they’re a lot of old boring farts.”
“Well, I am pretty boring, but I like to think I’m not an old fart,” Daniel said to Melissa, grinning harder than the comment deserved.
“Don’t pay any attention to Hank, I really shouldn’t take him out in public.”
“Oh, it’s good to get out,” Daniel said, looking back and forth between Melissa and her husband. “Everyone needs to go and see things, meet people. Have adventures.”
He turned to go as she tried to stop grinning, stifle the laugh in her chest.
Daniel turned, called, “Nice to meet you,” and was gone.
She began eating, suddenly ravenous. Her phone buzzed in her pocket against her thigh.
His woman. My pussy, my mouth
“Who is that?” Hank asked.
“My sister.”
“He seemed like a nice guy,” Hank said.
“The guy, the junior partner guy, what was his name?”
“Oh, David, Doug, something like that. Yea, he’s alright I suppose. A bit full of himself, kinda cocky.”
“Smooth operator? Ladies man, ya think?”
“I don’t know, you know I hate that type,” she said, trying to make herself stop, but unable to quit. “My man is the steady, trustworthy type. Adventures are for guys like him, not guys like you.”