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And now for something completely differant


86758821He kissed her ankle. Slowly. Excruciatingly slowly. Like velvet, soft, a wet trail from her toes to her thighs. But Adrienne was not known for her patience.

She ate instant rice, drove over the speed limit, opened all her gifts on Christmas Eve. When she met people, she decided within 30 seconds if she would be their friend.

She couldn’t stop herself from urging him. “Please,” she said as his hands traced a meandering path along her legs.

“No, baby, I want this to last,” was his reply, his raspy voice barely above a whisper.

“But, I want-”

“This isn’t about you.” Kiss. Lick, his beard combining with his tongue to drive her insane. “This is about me, I’ve tried to tell you this.”

And he had, Levi taken control since the first time they had sex. He held her down, fucking her so hard the air was forced out of her lungs. He bit her nipples, sucked her pussy as if it were his life’s blood, pulled her face to his by her hair.

But now, now he was not doing any of those things. And Adrienne was going insane. She wanted him, now, here, hard. She wanted to be fucked, really and truly fucked. Release.

“You know what I like?” Levi asked as he cupped her ass and turned her over. “The back of a woman’s knee. I have found it to be . . .”

She heard herself moan, wordless sounds coming from deep within her. Still, he did not heed her, he simply put his mouth to the back of her legs. It was the most sensual feeling, like being on an ocean of warmth.

“Don’t you like this my love?” She could not answer him, any more than with a “mm-hmm.” She realized he was again in control of her body, albeit in a completely different way. He had not taken her over by force this time.

Levi usually stormed Adrienne’s beaches, took her lust hostage, made demands of her. He had, moments ago, done just that: met her need with his own, fucking her hard and fast, cumming so hard she felt it fill her. But now he was playing with her, toying with her, drawing her out, making her slow down and relax. It occurred to her that he was, perhaps for the first time, making love to her.

But that was an abstract thought, floating on the edge of her mind. Front and center was his mouth, back down on her leg, kissing the arch of her foot before taking each toe, one by one, into his mouth. Adrienne’s mind, often the arch enemy of sexual enjoyment, gave up. She gave in, and simply felt, stopped wanting anything more than this – Levi, his mouth, his hands, his voice.

“Doesn’t this take you to your happy place?” he asked her.

“Baby, you are my happy place,” she answered, not even knowing if he could hear her, not caring. He was kissing his way back up her leg, a path along the inside of her thigh, oh my god.

Then after barely kissing her pussy, back down the other side, explaining that this was what he wanted, to do this to her, and when she was under him, it was always about what he wanted.

“God, I love this,” he told her. “Doing this to you, toying and playing with you, taking my time to enjoy you.”

His fingers opened her up, his tongue dancing ever so lightly across the folds of her, barely touching the surface of her pussy and he put a finger inside as if to memorize what she felt like. Then he was there, licking and sucking her, hard then soft, his fingers fucking her fucking her fuckingfuckingfucking . . . and she was gone.

Kissing him goodbye, she tasted herself on his mouth, lying in bed that night, she realized he went back to his life with her juices in his beard.

And that, again, he had dominated her, but a different conquest altogether. He had coaxed her and she slipped under, not a surrender so much as a yielding, a gentle thing, letting go.

Taken under.